K2 Platinium 2012 Contractor's Product

Parquet floor layers have once again voted HartzLack brand lacquers as the best ones in their class. They have also been recommended to be used on wooden parquet or board floors.
The results of the "Produkt Wykonawcy 2012” (Contractor's Product 2012) contest organised by the Fachowy Wykonawca magazine have proved that the latest HartzLack K2 Platinium lacquer for wooden floors is one of the kind. The contest jury with total conviction awarded the product with the first prize including the "Contractor's Product 2012” title in the "wood protection products" category.
It is worth remembering that the contest jury included several dozen of opinion-makers and experts from the Polish Association of Parquet Floor Layers. The decision-makers included owners of wooden floors showrooms and repair-construction companies.
Here is the quote from the "Contractor's Product 2012" contest organiser's website: "The goal of the contest is to distinguish the best construction and finishing materials, tools and power tools available on the Polish market, used by contractors on everyday basis."
The jury experts selected the winner on the basis of numerous parameters comprising the final contest result. Apart from technical features important both for contractors and final investors (floor user), e.g.: lacquer strength and resistance to abrasion, output and drying times, such factors as the price-quality ratio as well as brand/product availability and recognisability were taken into account.
The jury also determined another factor important for them, i.e. service and advisory services.
No other product has ever achieved such top strength. Numerous leading manufacturers, e.g. Domalux, Novol, Murexin, Bona, Berger-Seidle or V33, so far, have not changed the popular opinion that water-soluble lacquers will never have the same strength as solvent-based lacquers. Since today, this statement is no longer true. The product which has proven it wrong and provides clients with the highest and so far unachievable level of strength and durability is the HartzLack K2 Platinium lacquer.
For the third time, the water-soluble HartzLack parquet floor lacquers have been appreciated by parquet floor layers as the number 1 lacquers for wooden floors. We are really honoured by the growing trust to our products expressed both by parquet floor layers and private investors.