HartzLack WX-1 Perfect Finish Oil
HartzLack WX-1 Perfect Finish Oil
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Natural oil-wax for wooden floors containing Carnauba wax ensuring both perfect protection and beautiful appearance.


-WX-1 contains 100 % natural oils and waxes. -It provides very hard surfaces after polishing, due to Carnauba wax content. -WX-1 is to be applied on wooden floors. The oil deeply penetrates wood, reinforces its natural structure and enhances colours. Additionally, it protects the floor surface and provides satin gloss after polishing. -Very high output -WX-1 is 100% solvent-free.


WX-1 is an extremely resistant high-output oil-wax of 100 % oils and solids content and no solvents content. It is to be applied on wooden floors. The oils deeply penetrate wood, reinforce its natural structure and enhance natural colours. Additionally, wax protects the floor surface and provides satin gloss after polishing. WX-1 is the best protective solution meeting most challenges faced by wooden floors. It guarantees perfect protection and beautiful appearance plus a very high output.
The product is compliant with the EN71-3 standard (safe to use even on children's toys).


Colour after hardening:



20 - 25 m2/L (average output with two oil layers used)

Number of layers:

minimum 2 oil layers

Operating conditions:
  • Ambient temperature 15 - 25ºC
  • Max. wood moisture content 12 %
  • Air humidity approx. 50 %


roller (the manufacturer recommends using a special HartzLack Flutwickler, Microfaser 100 roller), sheet metal (Flexibel) 

Drying time:

  • 60 – 90 minute

Best-before date and storage:

The best-before date is provided on the packaging.

NOTE: Store in temperatures exceeding 5ºC.


1L; 5 L
Type of nylon polishing pads: red (medium) and white (soft)

altAttestation for safe application on toys.pdf

altNIPH Hygienic Approval WX-1.pdf