HartzLack Tung Oil
HartzLack Tung Oil
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Tung Oil - very durable oil extracted from Candlenut seeds applied to maintain porches, gazebos and garden furniture.


  • Oil based on the natural Candlenut oil - long-lasting outdoor protection guaranteed
  • Protects exterior wood elements against damages and ageing
  • Highlights natural colours and prevents wood graying
  • Constant protection against weather conditions: rain and sun
  • High output
  • May be subjected to salty water impact


Tung Oil is a tried-and-tested and reliable natural exterior oil protecting elements made of hard and soft wood which are used outdoors, e.g. porches, garden furniture and gazebos. Its special composition based on the oil extracted from Candlenut seeds perfectly protects wood against graying and soiling. It also provides lasting protection against the damaging impact of water and sunlight. Due to its resistance properties, Tung Oil is also used to impregnate wood subjected to salty water impact.

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Coating: silky; honey hue on light wood grades
Scope of application: outdoors: porches, garden furniture and gazebos
Colour after hardening:



up to 15 m2/l (depending on the wood grade)

Number of layers:

1 - 2 layers (depending on a wood grade and its oil saturation)

Operating conditions:

Ambient and surface temperature 17 - 25ºC


roller, brush, spray gun, cloth

Drying time:

Depending on conditions, the total drying time varies from 3 to 4 hours.

Best-before date and storage:

The best-before date is provided on the packaging.


0,75 l; 5 l