HartzLain Decor
HartzLain Decor
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Outdoor protective-decorative wood impregnant.


  • protects wood against weather conditions (water, UV radiation)
  • protects wood against biological conditions (fungi, blue stains, insects)
  • transparent – highlights natural wood appearance
  • transparent impregnant also used to prime wood


HartzLain Decor is used to protect and decoratively dye wooden elements located outdoors, i.e. gazebos, fences, wooden houses, garden furniture, etc. It is also used for construction joinery purposes (windows, doors) as well as in rafter framing. The transparent Decor may be used to prime wood or as a priming coat for colourful Decor impregnants as well as the Alkid exterior lacquer


Base: solvent
Colour after hardening:

stone pine, Oregon pine, dark pine, orange, cayenne, mahogany, chestnut, oak, olive, teak, hazelnut, brown, rosewood, ebony, white, pistachio, grass green, dark green, green, azure, turquoise, sky blue, red, colourless

Note: Such colours as sky blue, red, azure, pistachio, green, turquoise and navy blue

are available only on individual request (minimum quantity - 20 litres).


10 - 15 m2/L (depending on external conditions and tools used)

Number of layers:

 min. 2 lacquer layers

Operating conditions:
  • Wood moisture content - 12 - 15 %

NOTE: Low temperatures and high humidity extend the drying time.


brush, tampon, immersion

Drying time:

Depending on conditions, the total drying time varies from 12 to 24 hours.

 Best-before date and storage:

The best-before date is provided on the packaging.

NOTE: Store in temperatures exceeding 5ºC.


0,75 L; 3 L

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