K2 Supratec Solventbase
K2 Supratec Solventbase
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A universal priming coat that consolidates and blocks moisture. It is a ready-made solvent-based universal priming coat for K2 Supratec adhesives.


  • permanent base consolidation up to the depth of 8 cm
  • very high-yield product; 1l of the priming coat can be used for up to 5 m2 of a base
  • ideal for each K2 Supratec adhesive type
  • priming coat based on polyurethane resins ensures high resistance and concentration of a base
  • ready-to-use
  • very good filling properties
  • applied with a brush or roller
  • With two layers applied every 5 hours, it stops moisture up to 5% maximum as measured by the CM method. Such moisture level does not require using cut-off barriers, which limits the working time and lowers investment expenditures.


The product is designed for bonding, reinforcing and consolidating dusty and damaged cement bases. It permeates to the depth of several centimeters into a damaged base surface in order to comprehensively bind its structure so that the base may be used for laying a parquet floor or other flooring type by means of any kind of an adhesive. Application of two layers cuts off moisture contained in the base (up to 5% maximum as measured with the CM method).



Brown liquid

Dust-dryness: 1h
Dry to touch:


Next layer: 6h


Do not dilute

Output: 4 - 5 m2/l
Application temperature: > 10 °C
VOC content: 750 g/l
Qualified product: Cat.A/h (BS):
750 g/l (jan2010)
Best-before datee T>10°C 12 months
Available packaging: 5 l canisters