K2 Supratec ST-290
K2 Supratec ST-290
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Double-component polyurethane adhesive providing strong and durable joints, simultaneously retaining maximum flexibility. It is used for installing all kinds of parquet floors and wooden floors made of both European and exotic wood grades.


  • Robust, strong and flexible joints
  • Possibility to apply for each type of European and exotic wood types
  • An ideal solution for traditional parquet floors as well as parquet floors of wooden boards and ready-made parquet floors, thanks to which a contractor may use a single product for almost all board formats.
  • It may be used for installing floor panels as long as they are glued to the base.
  • 100% anti-allergic, non-sensitising substance
  • 100% solvent- and water-free, thanks to which it is a 100% ecological and environmentally friendly product.
  • No odours during application, which makes installer's work easier and more pleasant.
  • Prolonged open time ensures more time for flooring blocks corrections on the base. Moreover, installers do not have to lay wooden floors in a hurry.
  • High operating plasticity streamlines application and accelerates all activities.
  • Recommended for contractors allergic to epoxy resins.
  • Suitable for application on floor heating systems.
  • The product does not absorb moisture from wood thus preventing its later expansion.


The adhesive is an ideal solution for installing wooden floors (also on floor heating systems) of any size and any grade type of wood flooring. It may be applied on all ordinary base types of sufficient strength. Zero water content eliminates the risk of parquet floor swelling.


A component appearance:

Thick paste

B component appearance: Liquid

A+B components ratio:

A+B: 90+10

Open time: 45`- 60`

Binding time:


Possibility of walking on the floor:


Possibility of drilling:

3 days

Output (10 mm putty knife):

800 - 1300 gr/m2

Crippling stress:

>3 N/mm2

Application temperature:


Storage in originally sealed packaging, in ambient temperature:

12 months

Hazard symbols:

B component: Xn

Tools cleaning:

Immediately after use by means of a solvent for cleaning polyurethane products or ethanol

Available packaging:

Collective bucket 9 +1 kg