APU-2 Sport System
APU-2 Sport System
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Lacquer for wooden floors subject to intensive operation.


-highest resistance to abrasion, impact and scratching -perfect application and stunning appearance -high resistance to chemicals and water -resistant to yellowing caused by light -safe and environmentally-friendly


The APU-2 Sport System lacquer is used in interiors subject to intensive operation, i.e. sports halls and schools. It may be used with popular wood grades and exotic wood. It is irreplaceable in all applications requiring perfect protective coat smoothness with highest abrasion resistance.

The APU-2 Sport System lacquer is compliant with PN-EN 14904:2009 as regards friction (slipperiness) and has the flash-resistance attestation compliant with EN 13501-1:2007.

It is available in a system including colourful lines for sports pitches/courts and a flash-resistant prime coat.



 Coating: polyurethane

     GGloss degree:   


Colour after hardening:


Output: 10 m2/kg (depending on external conditions and tools used)
Number of layers: recommended - 2 - 3 lacquer layers
Operating conditions:

Ambient temperature 15 - 25ºC

Wood moisture content - max. 12%

Air humidity approx. 50%


roller (the manufacturer recommends using a special roller for lacquers, e.g. HartzLack Microfaser 60 or Microfaser 100)

Drying time:

Dust-dryness 0.5 - 1 hour

Applying another coat: 8 - 12 hours

Careful operation of a coated surface: after 24 hours

Full-scale operation of a coated surface: after 7 days

Best-before date and storage:

The best-before date is provided on the packaging.

NOTE: Store in temperatures exceeding 5ºC.

Packaging: 5 kg

altAnti-slippery Properties Attestationt APU-2 Sport System.pdf

altNon-flammability Attestation APU-2 Sport System.pdf


altNIPH Hygienic Approval APU-2 Sport System.pdf