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Raw materials


Our company operating as a commercial partner of a world-famous global manufacturer of raw materials for the chemical industry, the CYTEC - Surface Specialties (former VIANOVA RESINS,SOLUTIA GmbH) concern, offers highest-quality products:

- non-saturated polyester resins of the VIAPAL® type
- acrylic resins of the VIACRYL®, MACRYNAL®, RESYDROL® type
- alkyd resins of the VIALKYD® type
- epoxy resins of the BECKOPOX® type
- auxiliary preparations for paint and lacquer manufacturing of the ADDITOL® type:
                      • defoaming agents;
                      • wetting and dispersing agents;
                      • fluidity enhancing agents;
                      • skinning prevention agents:
                      • deposition prevention agents;
                      • pigment flow prevention agents;
- pigment pastes.